2022 China New Energy Tech Industry Report

2022 China New Energy Tech Industry Report

2022 China New Energy Tech Industry Report

Automotive, Technology Author: Ziying Wu Nov 08, 2022 08:32 AM (GMT+8)

ContributorsMu Li, Wenqing Zou



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With global energy revolution taking place, carbon neutralization has become a new trend, under which related industries have been drawing attention and investment from global capital markets. At the next stage, new energy technology industry in China will be paid more attention to with China’s commitment of “double carbon” policy: carbon emission peak in 2030 and carbon neutrality in 2060.


  • Development of the energy sector is of vital importance to China’s economic growth, as stated in the 20th National Party Congress.
  • Safe and reliable power supply, coupled with efficient and clean use of energy, stand as the basic guarantees for sustainable societal development.
  • The 2022 China New Energy Tech 50: The most promising new energy tech companies in China.
  • From the perspective of electricity production’s energy consumption structure, China’s new energy sector accounted for 34% in 2021, way below EU’s percentage and world’s average.
  • Detailed analysis towards each of the 7 sectors which include energy storage, solar energy, hydrogen energy, wind energy, smart grids, power battery and NEV&parts.


  • 1 Background
  • 2 2022 CHINA New Energy Tech 50 Admired Companies
  • 3 Overview of New Energy Sector
  • 4 Conclusion Outlook

In this report


Covering the 7 core sectors of new energy technology and making future outlook forecasting financing opportunities within each of the 7 sectors.


Explaining the current condition of new energy technology industry.

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