Amiro: Revitalize Beauty Through Science

Consumer Staples Author: Qinqie He Dec 04, 2023 06:10 AM (GMT+8)

In recent years, home beauty devices have emerged as one of the most robust and rapidly growing categories in the small home appliance market. Between 2019 and 2022, sales of beauty and body devices on traditional e-commerce platforms like Tmall (Chinese: 天猫) and (Chinese: 京东) in China grew from RMB 7.6 billion to 11.9 billion, with a compound growth rate of 16.35%.


The market, initially dominated by foreign brands like Panasonic and ZEUS, has witnessed a significant shift with the emergence of domestic brands, among which Amiro (Chinese: 觅光) has been a strong contender.

In a detailed and insightful interview with EqualOcean, Dyson Dashan, the Head of Overseas Business at Amiro, unfolds the story of Amiro's strategic journey in the skincare industry. Known for its pioneering role in precision skincare, Amiro stands as a testament to the transformative power of integrating photonic technology with scientific precision.

Journey of Innovation and Growth

Amiro's story is a captivating tale of visionary growth and innovative breakthroughs. Just eight years since its inception, the company has earned a distinguished place in the skincare industry. Dyson attributes this remarkable growth to strategic insights and a dedication to technology. "We started with a profound understanding of our consumer base, recognizing an untapped opportunity in high-frequency and essential skincare and makeup routines," Dyson shares. Identifying this niche, Amiro embarked on a mission to revolutionize this segment.

The company's commitment to technological innovation has been a key driver of its success. "We set out to differentiate ourselves through products that were not only superior in quality but also revolutionary in their technological aspects," Dyson explains. This ethos is evident in Amiro's range of products, featuring innovations such as beauty mirrors with full-fiber technology and intelligent temperature control devices, which have become symbols of the brand's dedication to pushing the frontiers of skincare technology.

Building Trust: The Interplay of Quality and Customer Satisfaction

The centerpiece of Amiro's innovative product lineup is its temperature control technology. "To develop this, we established three state-of-the-art photonic laboratories," Dyson elaborates. These labs have become incubators for technological advancements, marrying the concepts of smart temperature control with precision medicine. The pursuit of such innovations has placed Amiro at the forefront of the industry, evidenced by their significant recognition and certifications from authoritative bodies like SGS.

An impressive testament to Amiro's market success is its exceptionally low product return rate, standing at less than 2%. For Dyson, this is more than just a statistic; it reflects the trust and confidence that customers have in their products. "Our focus extends beyond selling products. We are committed to building lasting relationships with our customers, underscored by our strong after-sales services and efficient logistics," he adds.

Global Strategy: Navigating Diverse Markets

Amiro's expansion has been carefully orchestrated to cover a wide range of sales channels. In China, their presence is strong on platforms like Tmall,, Douyin (Chinese: 抖音), and in offline stores such as Sam's Club. Internationally, they have made significant strides on platforms like Amazon and Costco, as well as through independent sites.

Amiro has forayed into over 52 international markets, with a keen focus on the "Five Eyes" alliance countries (i.e.: the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom) and Southeast Asia. He candidly speaks about the challenges in markets like Japan and South Korea, where local brands and offline retail dominate. Tackling these challenges required a tailored, localized approach, adapting to each market's unique consumer behaviors and preferences. "We have to adapt our strategies to align with local preferences and shopping behaviors," Dyson says, emphasizing the importance of nuanced market strategies.

Demographic Diversity: Understanding and Engaging a Wide User Base

Amiro caters to a diverse user demographic, primarily targeting individuals aged 25 to 45 with concerns about early aging. The brand also appeals to younger audiences with products focused on hair removal and makeup interface. "Our market leadership is a result of our deep understanding of these diverse user demographics," Dyson notes, adding that women make up about 80% of their customer base, including many who purchase products for personal use or as gifts.

In the competitive skincare device segment, Amiro has secured a leading position in several categories, including beauty devices, LED makeup mirrors, and phototherapy facial masks. Their focus on user insights, constant technological innovation, and adherence to regulatory standards, including over-the-counter (OTC) licensing, has solidified their industry leadership.

Dyson also highlights Amiro's dedication to sustainability and social responsibility. "We are actively involved in various global initiatives, supporting causes like breast cancer awareness. This is part of our commitment to being a responsible and conscientious brand," he says.

Concluding Thoughts: The Evolving Landscape of the Beauty Device Industry and Amiro's Vision

As 2023 approaches its end, Dyson Dashan shares his insights on the significant transformations in the beauty device industry this year and his projections for the next 3 to 5 years.

"We've observed several pivotal changes in the industry this year," Dyson begins. "A notable shift has been the emerging dominance of Chinese brands, like Amiro, on the global stage. This change aligns with the evolving landscape of Chinese brands, which are increasingly becoming more robust in technology and research and development, challenging established international brands."

Dyson then speaks about the regulatory changes and industry evolution expected in 2024, "The beauty device sector is facing an influx of compliance requirements. This shift indicates a transformative phase in the industry, where future competition will differ significantly from what we see today. We believe the beauty device market, particularly for home-use devices, is an incredibly promising and 'sexy' sector. It’s more appealing than consumer electronics in terms of marketing dynamics and profitability. Furthermore, it’s more substantial than standard beauty and skincare products due to the technological barriers and core technology involved."

Looking ahead, Dyson expresses optimism about the sector's growth potential. "This market is poised for continuous growth over the next 5 to 10 years. Its upward trend is driven by its inherent appeal and the technological core that distinguishes it from other consumer products. We see this as a vibrant and lucrative path for Amiro, especially as we expand our presence internationally. Our approach, blending more appeal than standard electronics and more technological depth than typical beauty products, positions us uniquely in this attractive market."